Perception of Perfection

What is your perception of the ideal the female body?


Do you think an hourglass figure is beautiful or do you think a fit and toned body is beautiful?

Well Cosmopolitan asked a graphic designers from around the world to photoshop one girl to fit their countries ideal body shape.

The results were amazing!

The images go to show that there is not one type of beautiful body, but that all body types are beautiful.

We see images on social media of slim models like Victoria secret angels and think this is what we need to look like to be attractive, or that this is what I need to look like to be accepted.

But, really that’s not true at all.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you walked down the street and seen a girl and thought wow she has stunning hair or such nice legs or perfectly toned arms.

We so easily see perfection in others yet are unable to see it in ourselves.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to the falseness of women on social media.

We can appreciate and admire their bodies, but we must be cautious not to let this admiration turn into negative thoughts about our own bodies.

Let’s try and love our own bodies!

Check out the images:


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