Who else is in love with Celeste Barber?

Are you following Celeste Barber on Instagram? If you’re not I highly recommend you start! #tbt Get naked paint yourself silver and call it art. #celestechallengeaccepted #Celestebarber #funny #kimkardashian #celesteonellen #theellenshow

 Celeste mimics celebrity’s photos and attempts to replicate them.

As Celeste said the reason she started this Instagram site was to: ‘fun experiment to see what it would look like for an average person to photograph herself doing rich people things’Something makes me think Kim's milk was warmed. And yes, my #hothusband knows how lucky he is. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #MILFMONEY #kimkardashian #fergie #celesteonellen

However, most of them do not go so well and just goes to show how unrealistic celebrities photos are.

She of course making fun of herself, however, Celeste is preaching an important message.

She’s telling girls and boys alike that it is not possible to look like celebrities, and we are not supposed to.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are multi-millionaires, they have makeup stylists, professional chiefs, and personal trainers.

So, how are we expected to look like them, and why should we want to even try to?

I don’t think we should.

Why would we want to look perfect when no body is perfect?

Why do we want to look flawless, when no body is flawless?

Let’s try to be real on Instagram, let’s be real like Celeste Barber.

The reason she has so many followers is because she is real, but you can tell Celeste doesn’t’ care at all.

I am totally inspired by her today, and I need to stop trying to look perfect and stop taking my life and Instagram so seriously. Maybe you need to as well?

Check out Celeste’s Instagram below for a laugh!



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