Follow these 4 easy tips and practice mindfulness!

Have you ever heard the term mindfulness? Well, practicing mindfulness means that you are living in the moment, being present and are conscious of life as it is happening. At times we forget to live in the moment due to social media constantly reminding us of other people’s lives, that we forget we are responsible […]

Three tips to having a healthy relationship with social media

It is normal for you to sometimes spend a little too much time online, scrolling through your news feed, or cyber stalking people’s profiles. or take a little too many selfies like Kim? These behaviours can foster an unhealthy relationship with social media, especially if you’re spending hours at a time on your phone. So, here […]

My inspiration of the day: Noella!

Today I am feeling inspired by Noella, her blog is truthful, honest and raw. She’s a mummy who’s trying to be her best self and on a journey in trying to love her body. No matter what age we are I feel we can all relate to Noella’s journey and be inspired by her positivity. […]

My inspiration of the day: Alicia Key

  We don’t like to admit it, but the truth is celebrities really do influence not only setting style trends and gossip news, but their words are powerful and reach a lot of people. However, it’s a sad truth that a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian only worsen issues with body image. Recently Kim […]